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Trade Binary Options on a Wide Selection of Assets

At Global Option you can trade binary options on a huge selection of global assets with industry-leading payouts. Traders can choose from more than 120 assets, including international stocks, indices, commodities and currency pairs.

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Binary Options Trading

What is Binary Trading?

If you want to earn money online, binary options are an excellent opportunity. Easy to trade with, highly profitable and requiring no previous financial knowledge, binary trading is the perfect online investment tool for the internet era.

By simply choosing an asset and predicting the outcome of a trade, you can earn hundreds of dollars within minutes. Binary options are simple, because they only have two possible results, and you do not need to deal with multiple scenarios. All you need to define is whether your chosen asset will go up or down in price by the time the option expires. It is that easy!

How to trade Binary Options

Global Option provides you with an innovative and user-friendly trading platform, designed specifically for the dynamics of binary trading. Within the platform, you can choose any of the hundreds of assets available for trades.

There are four types of assets in our asset index, which include Commodities, Currencies, Indices and Stocks. Choose one, and define the value of your binary option. That is right: in binary trading it is you who defines the value of your transaction at all times. There are no surprises or hidden fees of any sort You simply input the amount you want to trader with, and move to the next, and final step.

Once you have chosen your asset and the amount of money you want to use to execute that specific trade, your final move is to decide whether the option will be at a higher or lower price level at the time of expiration.

This is another significant advantage of trading with binary options: even when stock markets are performing poorly, even when the economy is suffering, you are able to profit. You do not need to wait for you selected asset to increase in value, and in fact you might benefit from a decrease in its worth, if you have selected Put option.

Call and Put Binary Options

The reason this amazing trading tool received its name, is because as all thing binary, it is based on only two possible outcomes. A binary trades are referred to as either Call or Put options. When your expectation is that the price of the asset at expiration time will be higher than the value of the asset when the trade is executed. you select the Call button to execute your trade. The initial price is know as the strike price.

Now, you simply wait for the outcome. Binary options have short expiration terms and within minutes, the trade is completed. If your prognosis was accurate and indeed the expiration price is higher than the strike price, your account will be immediately credited, since your option was “In the Money”.

A Put binary option is very similar, except that it goes in the exact opposite direction. In other words, if your expectation is that the price of the asset at expiration time will be lower than the strike price, you select the Put button to execute your trade.

Equally, a correct prognosis of your Put binary option, in which the expiration price is lower than the strike price, will result in you being “In the Money” and enjoy the very high returns offered by Global Option.

Binary Options Payouts

An important benefit of binary trading is the payouts. Not only do you have the opportunity of earning up to 95% on each single transaction, but furthermore, return rates are fixed and defined before each trade.

Another advantage is that the payouts are always the same, regardless of the amount you have chosen to use for any specific trade. Whether you place a trade for 100 euro or one for 25 euro, the return on your investment will be exactly the same. This gives you the tranquility and the assurance to concentrate on your strategy, while enjoying the services of a top binary options broker

Binary Options Strategies

The Global Option trading platform allows you to follow the performance of your trade throughout, with an easy-to-read graph that indicates at all times whether you are an the money. Regardless of the chosen asset, be it an index, a stock, a commodity or a forex pairing, you will be able to watch the trade as it unfolds.

Many traders add different strategies and trading methods to their trading sessions, to increase the accuracy of their performance. At Global Option we are always looking to assist you, and if you want more information about binary options strategies, you may read several articles on the subject from our online journal.

Out of the money result

It is highly improbable that you will always make a correct prediction. Statistically, a percentage of your predictions will not be accurate, in which case the result of your binary option is considered to be Out of the Money.

Therefore, if a binary options transaction ended with an expiration price opposite to the one the trader had chosen, there will be no payout. Since incorrect trades are part of the dynamics of online trading, it is best to accept them and move forward with you trading session.

There are two basic situations in which a binary option is considered to be Out of the Money. The first example is one in which a Call Option is placed, and although the prediction was that the asset’s price at expiration would be higher than the strike price, the result was that the value was actually lower.

On the other hand, if when placing a Put Option (a binary trade estimating that the value of the asset will decrease in the span between strike and expirations times) the result was that the asset’s worth was higher, then again, the trade will be considered out of the money.

At the Money Options

At times, your binary option will have the exact same value at expiration time, as it has on the strike (initial) time. Although this does not happen frequently, such trades may occur. When this is the result, the binary option is considered to be At the Money or at the “breakeven point”.

In such cases, the money invested in that trade is automatically refunded into your account, so that you may proceed with your trading session.Start your binary trading experience

Now, you are ready to start earning money with ease and enjoy the profits of this exciting trading tool. If you have any doubts, our team of account managers are ready to assist you and answer any of your doubts. At Global Option we want you to succeed and keep you updated with the latest financial news. Trade, profit, and read the many tutorials and articles available on our site.


Trading Binary Options is highly speculative and carries a high level of risk.You may sustain a loss of part of all your invested capital,

therefore, do not speculate with capital that you cannot afford to lose.Please click here to read full risk warning.

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